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Comfort Checklist

Check off the comfort concerns or problems that apply to your current home, or that you want to avoid in your new home.

Electricity/gas bills are too high. You would like to save money on energy costs but don't want to sacrifice comfort.

Thermostat setting needs to be adjusted often to comfort. You or members of your family adjust the temperature setting on a daily basis.

House is too hot or too cold when you return home. You adjust the temperature to save money while you are away but return home to an uncomfortable house.

Some rooms are too warm, others too cool. Because of the way your home is constructed or the location/requirements of different rooms, the temperature and comfort levels of your home vary dramatically from room to room.

Troubled by allergies, concerned about indoor air pollution. Dust, pollen, mold and pet dander aggravate your family's allergies.  Billions of particles, too small to be seen, are in the air you breathe every day, from bacteria and viruses to cooking and smoke particles.

Stuffy air. Exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchens just aren't enough to keep air fresh at home. The accumulation of formaldehyde from building materials and gaseous pollutants from household products is another source of concern.

Moisture is damaging windows and woodwork. As homes are sealed up with insulation and caulking to save energy, excess humidity from cooking, laundry, bathing, and even the building materials themselves, builds up and becomes trapped inside.

Excessively dry air causes dry skin, cracked nasal passages, and electricity shocks. Overly dry air can also aggravate respiratory ailments, causes woodwork to shrink and crack, and loosen furniture joints.

Constant dehumidifier use generates high electric bills. Running your dehumidifier, or air conditioner, to remove excess moisture can send your electricity bills skyrocketing.

Walls are cluttered with several controls. Your walls include separate control panels for temperature, humidification, ventilation, air cleaner and/or fan which is both unattractive and inconvenient.

Check out these solutions to the above problems:

Temperature Control Problems?

Honeywell Programmable Thermostat can save up to 30% on energy costs and make your home more comfortable by automatically adjusting the temperature for sleeping, vacation, weekends or workdays. What's more, it offers the most precise temperature control available (±1°F, .5°C).

You zone your homes electricity and plumbing.  By zoning your homes furnace with a Honeywell/Trol-A-Temp Zone Control System, you can gain precise control over the comfort of each room or area.  If used with programmable thermostats, you can save energy at the same time.

Humidity Problems?

A Honeywell whole-house humidifier makes replenishing the moisture in your homes' air easy, effective and safe. Only Honeywell Enviracaire Elite humidifier pads feature an advanced antimicrobial agent to prevent the surface growth and migration of bacteria, mold, fungus and algae.

A Perfect Window Fresh Air Ventilation System is an effective and energy efficient was of helping to deal with too much humidity.  It takes the load off your air conditioner-and your budget.

Air Quality Problems?

A whole-house High Efficiency Electronic Air Cleaner by Honeywell is the most effective air cleaner you can buy. It removes up to 95% of microscopic airborne particles that pass through the filter.

A whole-house Ultraviolet Air Treatment System zaps airborne germs and prevents mold spore growth on air conditioning coils.

A Perfect Window™ Fresh Air Ventilation System provides fresh air year 'round without opening windows and wasting energy. It also dilutes and exhaust fumes, odors and gases.

Multiple Problems?

If you need to add one or more of the above pieces of equipment for your home ask us about the Honeywell Perfect Climate Comfort Center Control System. It's an  all-in-one control that can manage temperature, humidity, fresh air ventilation, air cleaning and fan circulation from a single panel.


Use this checklist as your single guide when you work with us. By adding comfort accessories to your heating and cooling system you can achieve a Perfect Climate home.

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