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Classic 90 Plus Gas Furnace

Innovation and Rheem, they just go together

Are all gas furnaces with a 90-plus Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (A.F.U.E.) rating equal? Of course not.  With furnaces, the ultimate difference comes down to one thing: Dependability. And with Rheem's Classic 90 Plus line of furnaces, dependability takes on a whole new meaning.

Why use high efficiency gas furnaces?

Furnaces that are five to ten years old and older may have an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating (A.F.U.E.) of 65 or less. That means they only generate about $.65 worth of heat for every dollar's worth of gas.  Since 1992, a federal regulation have required all gas furnaces to provide an A.F.U.E. of at least 78; and today, many furnaces are rated 90 or higher. The economic benefits are obvious without even considering rising fuel prices. Winter home heating bills can be reduced substantially with the purchase of a Rheem high efficiency gas furnace.  When you replace your furnace, you're replacing a vital part of your entire central heating and air conditioning equipment. The accompanying chart shows potential savings you can expect from Rheem Classic 90 Plus furnace versus a 78 A.F.U.E. gas furnace.

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