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In winter, the simple act of turning up your thermostat dries out your house. That's because warm, dry air acts like a giant sponge that soaks up moisture from everything it touches.

Fact is that wintertime relative humidity inside the average home hovers around a bone-dry 15%.

By contrast, the average humidity in the Sahara Desert is 25%!

Honeywell humidifiers replenish the humidity in the air in a safe, water vapor form (no mist or droplets). They are the right choice for a more comfortable and healthy home.

Replenish the moisture

Fortunately, replenishing the moisture in your home's air is easy. Enviracaire Elite whole-house humidifiers An Enviracaire Elite humidifier helps protect your Honeywell offers a range of humidifier models to meet your home's particular needs. Plus, Enviracaire Elite humidifiers are easy to maintain. Just replace the humidifier pad once a year. No tools are needed.

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