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Ultraviolet Air Treatment Systems

Bacteria and mold spores.
They're nasty.

So you wash, wipe and clean. But they can still blow through the air in your home every time your heating and cooling system's fan runs. That's not all. Your air conditioner's moist cooling coils can serve as an ideal breeding ground for mold, a known allergen. But there's help: an Ultraviolet Air Treatment System.

UV technology has a history that spans a century. It has been proven to work in many industries including water purification and hospital clean rooms. Now it is available for use in your home.

Zap mold and germs for cleaner air!

The Enviracaire Elite Ultraviolet Air Treatment Systems kill a high percentage of mold and many airborne germs in your heating and cooling system with proven ultraviolet (UV-C) energy,

Mold and bacterial blow through the air every time your heating and cooling system's fan runs - polluting your indoor air.

But there's help: Our Ultraviolet Air Treatment Systems can significantly improve the quality of your air.


Kill most germs before they re-circulate

Each of our Ultraviolet Air Treatment System models, mounted in the ductwork of your heating and cooling system, continuously emit ultraviolet (UV-C) energy that kills a high percentage of airborne bacteria passing by the light.

Prevent mold spores from growing on your system's cooling coils

The CoilPlus irradiation model, mounted above your central air conditioner's cooling coil, continuously bathes cooling system components with mold-stopping UV-C energy.

Specially designed for maximum performance and safety

UV Air Treatment products by Honeywell feature a special safety design that won't let the lamp light unless properly mounted to the duct, a special light pope to safely view the lamp operation, UL listed, and a special lamp that does not produce ozone-unlike most UV products.
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